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    Work Smarter Not Harder: Cleaning Oven Hood Filters

    At HomeSmart we pride ourselves in working Smarter. We are always looking for more efficient ways to do things, from electronic signatures on our contracts creating a true paperless system down to the mundane tasks of cleaning your home. Yep, you read that right, there are smarter ways to clean our homes. Check back often because we want to share them ALL with YOU!

    This morning I came across this video about cleaning an Oven Hood vent. Admittingly, I can’t recall exactly when I cleaned mine last…but I know I have and consequently I know after watching this video I will be doing it again this evening once I return home from the office. – If you have 10 minutes, you may want to as well. It is not as hard as you remember with this wonderful cleaning hack from Purewow.

    “The filters in that bad boy collect dust and grease every time you cook. Gross. Check out the video to learn how to make them squeaky clean.”

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