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    She-sheds & the NEW Man-Cave. Po-tate-o / Po-tat-o

    She-sheds; the NEW Man-Cave. 

    Po-tate-o / Po-tat-o

    The age old Man-Cave has been and will continue to be a necessity for some home buyers. This creates a need WITHIN a home for space for the pool table, a large enough wall for the TV, piped in plumbing for their fridges and ice makers etc etc etc. This necessity can make home shopping on a budget almost impossible.

    From any good idea comes adaptation based on inspiration, right? Good old fashioned OUT of the box thinking has taken a new possibility OUTSIDE. The new option, best known as She-Sheds (however with a little interior decorating and the right amount of electricity you can create a pretty epic Man-Cave as well), can be installed right in your own backyard for a fraction of the price of an interior set-up. Home Depot offers pre-fabricated sheds and also offers a custom design option as well. 

    Benefits of taking the caves outdoors:

    • Cost. Pre-fabricated sheds can be purchased locally at many home improvement stores. You can choose to buy one unfinished and finish it on your own with a bit of sheet-rock and paint if you’re the handy type OR get one fully complete (with electricity) for a little bit more <– I recommend if you do the electrical finishes yourself, you consult a licensed electrician.
    • Privacy/Seclusion. A backyard haven for busy folks seeking a quiet reprieve from the world/home/children/laundry insert your need(s) here ______, ________.
    • Decor. Go all out here without worrying about it clashing with the interior design of your home.
    • A Destination without cab fare. Even though these sheds are relatively new I have seen mock bistros, wine bars, pubs, video game/poker retreats all come from these backyard outbuildings. Invite your friends over!

    Get inspired, then get-away 🙂

    Don’t have space in your yard? We can help find you the space you need! Contact a HomeSmart Area Expert today!

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    Sheds…. not just for garden tools anymore.

    Above shed images via www.purewow.com

    A Google image search may help you find your own inspiration.


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